Looking to add top sought-after talent to your company, but not sure which Toronto job placement service to work with?

  • You know that your company has an amazing culture and would like to attract talent that fits, plus has the technical skills and expertise to fit the job requirements
  • You’re looking to partner with a recruiting agency, but aren’t sure which ones you can trust or find the type of talent you are looking for
  • You have urgent hiring needs, but don’t want to rush the process and end up with a “bad hire.”
  • You realize scaling your business and adding new talent disrupts the company if done improperly, and you are still on the hunt for your “core team” of star employees
  • You’d like to avoid mishiring and reduce your hiring costs as an organization by finding a job placement agency in Toronto who specializes in your niche 
  • Employer employee relationships are valuable to you. Candidates to you are humans, and you believe no one should be treated as a number, just to fill a job position. 

Would you be open to working with a recruitment agency with a custom tailored human approach to recruiting sought-after talent?

Bringing on a new employee to your team is like adding a new member to your business family. Hiring new teammates is a big deal, a large expense, and may seem like finding a needle in a haystack. That being said, we realize the impact hiring great talent can have on companies like yours. It’s important to you, to keep employee morale high by having a strong company culture, high employee retainment rates and minimal organization disruption through mishiring or firing staff.

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The future and success of your business relies on hiring exceptional talent for each department and position.

Meet Ignite Talent Solutions: Your Specialist Recruitment Agency

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Over the past nine years, we’ve helped place hundreds of talented candidates in organizations like yours. Our custom-tailed approach is one of the reasons we are so successful at finding talent that matches your company culture and job requirements. We are your recruitment partner from day one. We are a job placement company that focuses on listening to your needs and wants, learning about your dream candidates, your hiring process, and your budget.

Our established network, deep routed relationships with clients, market expertise and candidate attraction technology allows us to bring you the best matches in your industry.

We specialize in recruiting sought-after talent in the industries below, and offer job placement services in Toronto. 





And professional services

Head of Sales, VP Sales, Sales Executive, CSO, General Manager, Business Development Manager, Sales Director, Account Manager, Sales Manager

Marketing Director, CMO, Marketing Manager, Brand Manager, Campaign Manager, PR Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, Corporate Communication Manager, Head of Marketing, Digital Marketing Director, SEO Specialist, Demand Generation Specialist, Trade Marketing Manager, Marketing Specialist, and Content Marketing Manager

Director of Care, Wellness Manager, Memory Care Manager, Registered Nurse (RN), Registered Practical Nurse (RPN), Personal Support Worker (PSW), Care Support Worker, Healthcare Administration

Tech Positions
CTO, CISO, Director Software Development, Director Technology Infrastructure, Data Scientist, Info Sec Specialist, Software Developer, ITSM Manager, Business Systems Analyst, Quality Assurance Analyst, Systems/Network Administrator

Learn the Ignite Difference

1. Understanding The Clients Needs

We need to understand the role, the reason for the vacancy, qualities, and skills of your ideal candidate, your company’s organizational culture, team dynamics, understand how the hiring manager likes to work, your timeline, and your budget.​ ​

2. Candidate Sourcing

The next step is the candidate sourcing. We search for candidate referrals, research our extensive Ignite database, search online portals, network with industry leaders, and start headhunting for your candidate(s).

3. Candidate Assessment

This part includes in-depth phone screens, face to face interviews with pre-qualified candidates, shortlisting of candidates, and presentation of candidates to the client.

4. Transition Management

We manage the interview process with your company and manage the offer process too. We work hand in hand with you to ensure that it’s a stress free process for you.

5. Aftercare

We do check-ins with your company and the candidate at the 30-60-90 and 120-day mark. We want to ensure everything is running smoothly and that the candidate is an excellent match for the role and your business.

Whether you are looking for your next sales executive, marketing director, account manager or niche specialist we have the tools and experience to find the best match for you.

Ignite Talent Solution’ recruiters to take your company to the next level, help you retain more employees and attract sought-after talent to your business.

If you’re ready to hire rockstar candidates, get in touch with our specialists here.

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