Sales Executive Search

Looking for a sales executive search firm in Toronto who can find you a leader that inspires, motivates and shapes the future of your company?

But cannot find the c-suite executive to fit your company culture and requirements?

  • You are looking for a trailblazer and a leader who puts pride in their work, takes initiative to take the lead and always strives for success and top results
  • You want to find an sales associate, executive or experienced VP looking for the next step in their career 
  • An all-star in your industry, who inspires, challenges and motivates their teams to achieve top results and think outside the box
  • This individual has a track record of assisting sales and marketing teams to create strategic sales plans, manage deals from RFP to escalation to offer, and has the business development experience to analyze and problem solve your company’s current situation
  • This exec is hungry and ambitious to build more strategic partnerships and manages customer service smoothly and professionally

What if you worked with a recruitment agency who specialized in placing sales leaders in your company?

Ignite Talent Solutions places leading sales executives in top companies across Toronto

Our track record is proof that the Ignite Recruiting Process works.

Whether you are looking for your next

  • Business development manager
  • Director of sales
  • Head of Sales
  • VP sales
  • General manager  
  • CSO
  • Outbound Sales
  • Inside Sales
  • Account Executive
  • And more

We have the tools, expertise and drive to find you the best match. 

We can confidently say that our Ignite Process works. We’ve recruited and placed hundreds of all-star sales executives in companies like yours. Before we start recruiting, we work with you to understand the specific type of talent you need to drive revenue and business growth forward.

We don’t limit ourselves to recruiting all-star executives in one industry.

Currently we specialize in sales executive search in the following fields:

  • Healthcare and medical
  • Technology
  • Sales and marketing
  • Professional service industries
  • And we are continually growing to this list!

Ignite Talent Solutions is a quick and nimble job placement agency and we can pivot our headhunting to suit your business’ needs.

Get in touch with us to start your sales executive search in Toronto!

Learn the Ignite Difference

1. Understanding The Clients Needs

We need to understand the executive position you want filled, the reason for vacancy, the number of hires needed, and the expertise, and leadership style of your ideal candidate. Tell us how your hiring manager prefers to work, your company culture, team dynamics, and your timeline and budget.

2. Candidate Sourcing & Headhunting

The next step is headhunting. Our goal is to find you your dream sales executive, sales director or associate. We start by searching our extensive Ignite database, networking with industry leaders, and searching online portals for your future employee.

3. Candidate Assessment

Once we’ve found potential candidates we perform in-depth phone screens, face-to-face interviews, and start shortlisting candidates. We present the list of top candidates to you and then we get started with the interview process.

4. Transition Management

We make the interview and transition process as stress-free as possible for you and the sales candidates. We manage the interview process, connect with you and the candidate and handle the offer process too.

5. Aftercare

Our job doesn’t stop the day you sign on your new sales executive. We do 30-60-90 and 120-day mark check ins with you and the candidate. We want to ensure that your new hire is still a fantastic match for the role and fits in with your company culture.

We can help you find a sales exec with experience and expertise to IGNITE your company.

We specialize in recruiting sought-after talent in the industries below, and offer job placement services in Toronto. 

Work with Ignite Talent Solutions Sales Executive Search recruiters to find your next sales employee who will be a driving force in your company for years to come.