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Toronto job seekers, work with your dream company. Be part of an inclusive company culture.  Feel energized to go to work again.

What if you could further your career and be part of a company with amazing values and lots of growth potential?​

Candidates we know you have sought-after knowledge and expertise that companies are looking for, but you feel stuck in your mid-senior level job.

  • You have years of experience in your industry and lots of knowledge and expertise, but you feel complacent at your current position. You want to feel appreciated, challenged and alive at work again, but not sure how or when to take that leap. 
  • It’s difficult to find a company with great values, fantastic team dynamics and an inclusive company culture where you fit in, and feel like the “perfect match” for you and the company. 
  • You find navigating new job opportunities without a robust network, family connections or a fantastic recruiter challenging, especially as you are busy with work, family and friends at the same time. 

What if you worked with a recruiter who had the expertise and exclusive network to land you your dream job?

Ignite Talent Solutions Places sought-after talent in top companies and has placed hundreds of candidates to date.

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We’re passionate about working with strong candidates like you and finding you your dream job at a company where you will thrive, learn and grow long-term. You have the talent and expertise that our clients are looking for. 

Over the past nine years, we have helped place numerous talented candidates in jobs they love and have the market expertise, established network, and deep routed relationships with clients to do so. Our custom-tailored approach focuses on listening to you, guiding you through the recruitment process and matching you with a company that best suits your needs.

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And professional services

Learn the Ignite Difference

Toronto job seekers, we are your partners from day one. We work hand in hand with you every step of the way from job sourcing to day one on the job and ensuring that you and the new company and employer are still an excellent match. We love to work with a diverse range of candidates with varying degrees and professional backgrounds.

1. Book Your Initial Candidate Consultation

We listen to your goals (personal, career and salary), values and career aspirations. We learn the type of job you are looking for in Toronto, what responsibility you want to take on, your leadership style, and your strengths and weaknesses as an employee or manager. We discover how you work best with a team and how you motivate others.

2. Prepare Your Resume and Career Resources For Success

Before pitching your resume and LinkedIn profile to potential employers, we do an audit of your profiles. We work 1-on-1 with you to polish your resume and turn it into a resume the hiring manager will notice. We also prepare you with interview tips, so you can ace your interviews we line up for you in the future.

3. Job Sourcing, Pitching Employers and Securing Interviews

We use our deep routed relationships with clients and our vast Ignite internal database of over 9000 connections to start positioning and pitching you as a star candidate to potential employers. As well, we use online portals, our headhunting skills and networking to secure you job interviews.

4. Manage Your Offer Process and Transition

Once you have successfully completed the interview process, we help you negotiate an appropriate salary and compensation package for your range of skills, experience and background. We always go the extra mile for our talent and ensure that you and the employer are a great fit before signing the final papers.

5. Aftercare and Check Ins

Our job doesn’t end the day you get signed on as management, or the day you accept an offer. We check in for the next 120 days, every 30 days to ensure that the new position is going smoothly and that it's still a great fit for you and the company.

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We are always looking to speak to candidates about the following position.

  • Sales Director Jobs
  • Sales Executive Job
  • Marketing Director Jobs
  • And lots of other jobs in Toronto

See a position you like? Apply online or reach out to our experts for assistance.

Our consultants will help you realize your potential and pair you with a company that values your talent, time and expertise. 

Life’s too short, to be unhappy at a position you spend 40 hours a week at. Take the leap and jump to a position you’re passionate about.

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